Mastering the Art of Drawing Anime Noses: A Step-by-Step Guide


Anime, a popular form of Japanese animation, has captured the hearts of people worldwide. Its distinctive art style often features exaggerated facial features, including expressive eyes and unique noses. If you are an aspiring artist or simply curious about the anime art form, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of drawing anime noses. Whether you want to enhance your skills or start from scratch, this step-by-step tutorial will help you create captivating anime characters with beautifully crafted noses.

Understanding the Anatomy of an Anime Nose

Before diving into the techniques of drawing anime noses, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the anatomy of this unique facial feature. Understanding the structure and variations of anime noses will enable you to create more realistic and visually appealing characters. In this section, we will explore the different elements that make up an anime nose and how they contribute to the overall facial expression.

The Basic Shapes of Anime Noses

Anime noses can be simplified into several basic shapes, including triangles, ovals, and rectangles. These shapes form the foundation upon which you can build different styles and variations of anime noses. By mastering these simple shapes, you will have a solid base to experiment with and create your own unique nose designs.

Proportions and Placement of Anime Noses

Proper placement and proportion are crucial factors in creating realistic anime noses. The position of the nose on the face and its size in relation to other facial features greatly impact the overall character design. In this section, we will delve into the ideal positioning of anime noses, ensuring that your characters have a harmonious and balanced appearance.

Anime Nose Styles and Variations

The world of anime offers a vast array of nose styles and variations, each contributing to the overall personality and aesthetic of a character. From small and petite noses to larger and more prominent ones, understanding the different styles will allow you to choose the most suitable nose for your character’s design. This section will explore various anime nose styles and provide examples of popular characters that showcase these unique features.

Tools and Materials

Before starting your journey into drawing anime noses, let’s gather the essential tools and materials that will help you bring your characters to life. While you can create stunning artwork with minimal supplies, having the right tools can make the process smoother and more enjoyable. In this section, we will discuss the basic tools and materials you will need to get started.


The pencil is the artist’s most versatile tool. To draw anime noses, you will need a range of pencils with varying lead hardness. A set of graphite pencils, including 2H, HB, and 2B, will provide you with the necessary range to achieve different line weights and shading effects.


Choosing the right paper is crucial for achieving the desired results in your artwork. For drawing anime noses, opt for smooth and heavyweight paper that can handle the pressure of pencil strokes and erasing. Bristol board or drawing paper with a weight of around 100lb or higher is recommended.


Erasers are essential for refining your drawings and correcting any mistakes. A kneaded eraser is ideal for lifting graphite without leaving residue, while a vinyl or gum eraser is excellent for more precise erasing. Having both types of erasers in your arsenal will give you more control over your artwork.

Blending Tools

Blending tools, such as tortillons or blending stumps, help create smooth transitions and gradients in your shading. These tools are particularly useful when adding shadows and highlights to your anime noses, enhancing their three-dimensional appearance.

Step-by-Step Guide: Drawing Anime Noses

  1. Step 1: Sketch the Basic Shape
  2. Begin by lightly sketching the basic shape of the anime nose using simple geometric forms. This step will serve as a guideline for the more detailed drawing later on.

  3. Step 2: Define the Nostrils
  4. Next, add the nostrils to the basic shape. Remember that anime noses are often stylized, so feel free to experiment with different shapes and sizes.

  5. Step 3: Add the Bridge and Cartilage
  6. Draw the bridge of the nose, connecting it to the forehead area. Then, outline the cartilage, which gives the nose its structure. Pay attention to the angle and curvature to create a more realistic appearance.

  7. Step 4: Refine the Shape and Details
  8. Refine the shape of the anime nose, erasing any unnecessary guidelines. Add details such as shading, highlights, and subtle lines to enhance its three-dimensional quality.

  9. Step 5: Experiment with Nose Styles
  10. Once you have mastered the basic technique, feel free to experiment with different nose styles and variations. Create unique characters by exploring different shapes, sizes, and angles.

  11. Step 6: Practice and Observation
  12. Drawing anime noses is a skill that improves with practice and observation. Study real-life noses and observe how they differ from the stylized ones in anime. Continuously practice drawing various nose styles to expand your artistic repertoire.

Tips and Techniques for Drawing Anime Noses

  • Use Light Pencil Strokes
  • When sketching and refining your anime noses, use light pencil strokes. This will allow you to make adjustments and corrections without leaving visible marks, ensuring a clean and polished final result.

  • Experiment with Different Angles
  • Anime noses can vary greatly depending on the angle at which they are viewed. Practice drawing noses from different angles, such as a three-quarter view or a profile view, to develop a deeper understanding of their structure.

  • Observe Real-Life Noses
  • Studying real-life noses and their intricate details will enhance your ability to draw realistic anime noses. Pay attention to the subtle curves, shadows, and highlights that contribute to the overall appearance of a nose.

  • Emphasize Expressiveness
  • Anime noses often convey emotions and add depth to a character’s expression. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to achieve the desired mood or personality for your anime characters.

  • Combine with Other Facial Features
  • Remember that anime noses are just one element of a character’s face. Pay attention to how the nose interacts with other features, such as the eyes and mouth, to create a cohesive and harmonious design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can I draw anime noses using digital tools?
  2. Absolutely! While this guide focuses on traditional pencil and paper techniques, you can apply the same principles when drawing anime noses digitally. Use appropriate software and tools to create stunning anime characters on your computer or tablet.

  3. How long does it take to master drawing anime noses?
  4. Mastering any skill requires time, dedication, and practice. The time it takes to become proficient in drawing anime noses can vary depending on your commitment and the amount of practice you put in. Remember, every stroke brings you closer to mastery!

  5. Are there specific rules for drawing anime noses?
  6. While there are general guidelines and techniques, there are no rigid rules when it comes to drawing anime noses. Anime is an art form that allows for creativity and personal style. As long as you understand the basic principles, you can experiment and develop your own unique approach.

  7. Can I combine different nose styles in my characters?
  8. Absolutely! Combining different nose styles in your characters can add depth and diversity to your artwork. Feel free to mix and match various nose shapes and sizes to create distinctive and memorable anime characters.

  9. Where can I find inspiration for anime nose designs?
  10. Inspiration can be found everywhere! Explore anime and manga series, study the work of renowned artists, and observe real-life noses. The more you expose yourself to different styles and references, the more ideas you will have for your own unique anime nose designs.

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